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Missing Dogs Database

GetMyDog has created a national Lost Dog Database.

Here you can extensively search through 1,000’s of lost & found dogs. You can easily customize your search criteria so you are viewing postings around your location, throughout a specific time period, and matching a certain dog breed. You can even get as detailed as searching by your dog’s eye color using our keyword search.

If you don’t see your dog then you can create a free, simple login account allowing you to post a picture with a description of your lost dog. Include any information that you sad lost dogbelieve will help identify your dog. This post can be a valuable tool for your search. After you create your post, we have made it easy for you to share it on social media websites so you can continue spreading the word. If you have found a dog, simply follow this same process and post in our found dog section.


Lost Dog Database Found Dog Database
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