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About Us

What We Do & Why We Do It

Guide-Dogs-Student-holding-Dog-pawFounded in 2013, GetMyDog was launched by a team of dog lovers who have experienced losing dogs, and recovered them by using techniques that are now published on the GetMyDog website. We have been blessed to help thousands of people recover their lost pets through our Websites.

We know the pain, loss, and confusion that is experienced when a dog goes missing. We have combed through materials, consulted with pet shelters, called in the experts, and created innovative & effective services to help you find your missing dog. We decided to create this online resource containing everything one needs during a lost dog search. Our goal is to take away the confusion and feelings of helplessness by getting you set up with the most effective search plan resulting in a quick recovery. We want to share what we’ve found to work and more, on


Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive and definitive guide to help you find your lost dog.

GetMyDog specializes in providing practical step-by-step instructions, tips & advice, and critical communication services to recover your lost dog as quickly and safely as possible. We sincerely hope the information within our lost dog Website will help to bring you and your dog together again. We are here to help, any way we can.