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Rusko sneaked out on a Friday night… The most frustrating thing was that it was a weekend and vets, shelters and animal control were all closed. I felt like I had no one to guide me. A Google search lead me to and I sent off a note. Within about an hour, the staff got in touch with me and was eager to help…The GetMyDog teams’ ideas and guidance were vital. I would use their services again if I needed to and recommend them to anyone who needs them. Thanks again!
Lee Ann Hooley from Clifton, NY
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Support & Questions

We know the feeling of despair that comes along with losing your dog and the importance of having someone there to talk to that can help. If you have any questions or just need some support right now, one of our professionals will be happy to talk with you.

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Success Stories

We work with animal lovers across America and together we reach success. Check out some of our inspiring success stories from people who were in the same position as you.




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Articles & Advice

We have done the research for you. When a dog goes missing, we understand the accompanied confusion and problem of time consuming research required… so we fixed this. We have combed the Internet and spoken with experts to provide you with the best articles & advice that will help you in your lost dog search.


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